Fungal nail treatment

Onychomycosis rarely responds effectively to topical antifungal treatment such as antifungal nail varnish and usually requires an oral antifungal treatment. Because of the potential risks associated with oral treatment, and in particular the risk of liver damage, various laser treatments have been developed over the past number of years in order to treat this condition more effectively.

Hot laser treatments are available but can be painful and ineffective because they cannot properly treat the entire nail. They can also be time consuming.

Treatment of choice in Dublin Nail Laser Clinic is Lunula Cold Laser, proven to effectively kill fungus that lives in and under the toenail. The laser light passes through the nail without causing damage to it or the surrounding skin. Safe and effective, the Lunula Laser poses none of the risk and harmful side effects of antifungal medications. This convenient inclinic procedure typically takes only minutes to perform, with absolutely no recovery time required .

Benefits of Lunula Cold Laser Treatment

• No anaesthetic, no pain, no recovery time and no side effects
• Kills nail fungus in 4 – 8 painless 12 minute treatments
• Works effectively on infected toe and fingernails
• Speeds up retarded nail growth key to successful results
• Highly effective in improving the appearance of infected nails




Initial consultation, diagnosis and treatment plan – €55

LUNULA Cold Laser Treatment – From €125 (per treatment)


The LUNULA Laser has been clinically proven to promote the growth of a clear, healthy nail. However, proper toenail hygiene is essential in preventing reinfection. By following these simple steps, you can substantially reduce the risk of reinfection.

• Make sure to use any recommended antifungal foot and shoe sprays
• Wear breathable footwear when possible
• Wear 100% cotton socks and change them regularly
• Keep feet protected in shared bathrooms and changing rooms
• Keep feet dry throughout the day
• Recognise the signs of and treat Athletes Foot in good time
• Avoid wearing nail varnish for prolonged periods
• Be cautious of salon hygiene practices when getting manicures/pedicures